Camp Caribou in the News

Near the end of visiting day, the Lermans got the whole camp together at the campfire. They reminded us about the importance of being nice and thanked us (parents) for sharing our boys with them. We sang the camp songs, tried to understand the inside jokes, but most of all, we felt the spirit. It’s always hard to say good-bye, but I knew Daniel was in good hands. And was learning something with far more impact than another skill or language. He was learning how to be human.  He was bringing his human to camp.

Lessons In Being Human At Sleep Away Camp from The Huffington Post

Over the 36 years that his family has run Caribou, a boys’ sports camp three and a half hours northeast of Boston, Mr. Lerman has had to become an expert in cultural translation.

– Outsourcing Comes to Summer Camp from The New York Times

Sending a child to overnight camp is a substantial commitment — often a considerable financial investment, always a deeply personal and emotional one. Over sustained periods of time and varying distances, families entrust camps with those they hold most dear. As such, this is a decision that should be thoroughly well-informed, and this is precisely what led me to the Lermans’ front door in February of 2011.

– Rookie Day Another Way from The American Camp Association

The Lerman family’s philosophy is based on the belief that summer camp should feel like a home away from home.

– Camp serves as Maine attraction for Wayland family from Wicked Local