2014 Camp Caribou Memories

by Camp Caribou on August 26, 2014

It was an amazing summer filled with great memories!  Below is a list of memories that made 2014 unforgettable… Check it out!
Martha’s laugh – most recognizable noise on camp
Rotman acting like a large mouth bass during staff skits.
Pattee’s Pond canoe trips down the outlet stream
Bunk 4 Lip Sync – EPIC!
Willcox’s encounter with a mouse – not so tough after all
It’s a tie – Mexico and USA battle it out in the Olympics
11U dance party to the soundtrack of Pitch Perfect with Matoaka
Illinois wins America’s Cup in dominating fashion
15U Archery – CMCL Champs yet again
Hurley’s dancing skills and back flips
Bobby and Tyler reunite at the Native American Experience
The CA’s bring sports talk to a whole new level at the Sportscenter club
Weymo lights up the sky during the 4th of July
Nick Pine winning the Caribou FIFA golden boot
Ian Norfolk bringing the Narwhals to campfire
Alex Walker unleashing his karate skills – WHOA….WHOA….WHOA!!
Ethan Hirsh – MOANIN’
Willcox and Al winning the best huggers award 
Jigz goes blonde, enough said.
Marshall Knight, Gabe Pinkus, and Matt Schick bringing down the house with their guitar skills
12U Hockey scoring 2 goals in the last 48 seconds to win the CMCL!
Lewis Arnsten steals the show at the Sr. Lip Sync
Mani’s, pedi’s, and face masks – Caribou’s first spa day
The Magic of V can do it all… magic, music, and comedy
Grant ushers in our new Culinary Arts program with a bang
Zach Russell and Zach Ashany are Top Chefs
Tom Merrett’s Family Guy impersonations, spot on!
Dylan Johnson is the new king of Bill impersonations
Caribou‘s got GRIT!
Chillin’ in the bunny pen
Senior line shaving cream battle
“odds are…”
Henry Wolfson’s record breaking sunscreen usage
Congratulations to all the Caribou Perimeter swimmers
Jeffrey Simon addicted to water exercise
Ellie chants during the all camp photo
Jordan Lapp scoring the winning goal to win 10U soccer
Mexican dinners cooked by Rafa and Jorge
The entire swim staff using sun’in
Chobani yogurt craze!!
Beach Day ice cream – BOUYAH
Rotman’s impersonation of Ellie!
Shane and Seamus – The Bash Brothers
OOB security shirts
40/40 Home Free
Ally-Oop during meal times
The grey animal farm trip
Flour war in culinary war
2014 CMCL Champs! 4 out 5 years, it’s a Dynasty!
Casey Salzman’s riddles stumping us yet again
Ruxton, Andrew Little, and Ian Reilly take top honors at the Belgrade 5k Race
Grey wins Color War by a ten point margin
Clardy and Rosenfeld put on a show at Comedy Night
Mark Warrington is Jeffrey and Jeffrey is Mark Warrington
The Ice Bucket Challenge sweeps the peninsula
Jordan Flynn’s commanding performance in the win over the Manitou Soccer Staff
The Tighes’ and The Bronksys’, are they cousins?
Alex Ranck (SHABBA!)…a true magician
CIT’s reaching out and helping the community
Volleyballs Super Spoon Award
Tyler and Jigz continue the T.O.B award
Sammy John turns the Caribou Kitchen into a French bakery
“Hey Bill, give us a wave, said hey Bill give us a wave!”
The boating staff taking home the staff skit win
Charlie Van Vleck…best hair on camp
Zach Ashany giving out free hugs
Ike Chukwulozie’s legendary dance face… YES!!!!
The Maine Lumber Jack Show and Monkey C Monkey Do, great additions to Caribou Trips
Joey T. – “Don’t count the days, make the days count.”
Miles Canning and the Ultimate Fitness program
Color War break and the dragster rocking the junior line
Super Seniors make it happen on Mt. Katahdin and summit within record time
Dirty Dickie and CooCoo Callan
Blue vs Grey staff basketball game…INSANE!
Jake Zaas and the pie eating skit
Hutzler’s awesome hair
Shane’s Haka
The Rubik’s Crew in Bunk 11
Travis and Bill sing “The Gambler”
Julian Aledo, Grey Moszkowski and Noah Tobin bring their talents to the Caribou Coffee House
Annie in the Water close out an amazing first session
The great work and tremendous output by the kitchen staff all summer
2014’s amazing weather!

We look forward to Livin’ the Dream in 2015!