Daily Schedule

Time Activity
7:30 AM Reveille
7:45 AM Assemble at Flag Pole
7:55 AM Flag Raising
8:00 AM Breakfast
8:30 AM Cleanup
Morning Session
9:10 AM Call to First Period
9:15 AM Instructional Period I
10:15 AM Call to Second Period
10:20 AM Instructional Period II
11:20 AM Call to Third Period
12:25 PM End of Third period; Return to Cabins to Prepare for Lunch
12:35 PM Call to Flagpole for Announcements
12:45 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Rest Hour
Afternoon Session
2:10 PM Call to First Elective
2:15 PM First Elective Period
3:15 PM Call to Second Elective
3:20 PM Second Elective Period
4:20 PM Call to Third Elective
4:25 PM Third Elective Period
5:25 PM End of Third Elective; Return to Cabins to Prepare for Dinner
5:30 PM Call to Flag Lowering
5:40 PM Flag Lowering
5:45 PM Dinner
Evening Session
7:00 PM
Call to Evening Activity
8:30 PM Return to Cabins to Prepare for Bed
9:00 PM Taps / Lights Out for All Bunks Except Seniors and Super Seniors
9:15 PM Staff Meeting
(all staff must be present except for those designated to monitor the "bunk line")
10:00 PM Taps / Lights Out for Senior Bunks
10:30 PM Taps / Lights Out for Super Senior Bunks