Our History

grandparentsCamp Caribou originally started as Camp Winslow-same exact place, just a different name. Camp Winslow’s, (Caribou) first year in operation was in 1923 under the direction of Morris Waldman, the new owner/director from Manhattan, NYC. We still have the first and second year summer yearbooks, 1923 and 1924 in our archives. It is fascinating to look at and read about camp life in the early 20’s-not tremendously different from what we do today! We were fortunate enough to have a 1924 alumnus, Sid Epstein from Bangor, Maine attend one of our Wednesday night campfires. It was absolutely, refreshingly, remarkable to see 250 kids riveted to this 90+ gentleman’s stories about Camp Winslow (Caribou) in the 20’s. One of the most memorable things that Sid Epstein told the kids was that his director, Morris Waldman, used to tell the kids, “don’t be common, distinguish yourself.” Sid told us later that evening that he never forgot this message and that it made a lifelong impression on him.


Well, enough of the early ancient Caribou history, which we could fill pages with, but let’s move on to the late 1960’s when the Lermans bought the camp in 1968. At that time, Al, Ev and Bill looked at about 8 different summer camps in Maine that were for sale. Caribou was the last camp that we looked at during mud-season. The three of us climbed on the back of a 1949 Farmall H Tractor and powered our way through the mud and snow down the one-mile (seemed like 3) private camp road in Winslow. As soon as we emerged from the roadway and drove out into the center of the 200 acre peninsula, we knew immediately that this beautiful environment was the one for us.



Since 1968 The Lerman Family has been creating “Unforgettable Summers” for our campers and staff. To this day Camp Caribou remains a spirited traditional boys summer camp owned and operated by The Lerman Family. About thirty years ago Bill and Martha Lerman began directing the camp and now have a third generation of Lermans and now Rotmans involved in its operation. The Caribou family loves what they do! They devote all of their energy to maintain the warmth and spirit of the Caribou experience. They’re out on all the sports fields and down on the waterfront making sure that the boys are having fun and getting quality professional instruction from our experienced and mature staff. Our diverse population creates a safe, supportive, culturally rich environment where our boys are able to thrive and realize their own potential. Having been educated as teachers with degrees in recreation, camp administration and elementary education they are qualified and involved in all aspects of the camps operation and program. Lori Lerman Rotman, Alex Rotman, and Bobby Lerman work as a spirited and experienced team of Directors, with the guidance and support of Bill and Martha. They all truly enjoy the group dynamic and strive to continue the warmth of the family feel that Caribou has always been known for.