Health & Wellness

Camp Caribou will always put your son’s health first

Caribou Cares. Our foundational values are built upon the idea of providing a home away from home for our campers (and staff). We take a proactive approach to community care, meaning that we know each person and their typical presentation. Our counselors know their campers and are trained on their role in advocating and identifying anything that might be developing with one of their “kids”. And our campers know that they should advocate for themselves if they have a question or concern at any point. Our medical team is fully integrated into our camp family and they also know our campers personally. Our level of care and attention to detail with each individual in our community is a point of pride within our family. Everybody needs care from time to time (some more than others) and our medical team goes above and beyond with care and communication. If a camper is feeling unwell, he goes to our Health Center. We always have care available, 24/7. Our Medical Team is an integral part of our camp family and we appreciate their loving approach to every little detail. If your camper is taking daily prescriptions or taking daily medications/vitamins of any kind, we will work with you to get their medications ready for administration at camp. You can find more information about how we intake medications in your CampInTouch parent portal, under Forms & Documents, you’ll find the Medication Explanations Form. We are always here to answer your questions and to provide care to your camper.

Health & Safety: Our number one priority is the health and safety of our camp family. Robust planning and extensive community health measures are implemented each summer, and while there is no way to ensure zero risk of communicable illness at camp, we are fully committed to staying current with all established best practices and recommendations. Our procedures involve an integrated approach using information and guidance from the American Camp Association, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Maine CDC, trusted Epidemiologists, doctors, and friends on the front lines in various arenas. They include prevention, layers of mitigation, active health management strategies and the utilization of the most reliable methods of promoting community wellness.

Communication: We value the trust you put in us. Camp Caribou is our family, and we pledge to care for each one of our campers and staff with love and empathy. We will always communicate openly with you.

Care At Camp

Our on-site medical team is well established at Camp Caribou and has strong relationships with local and regional medical resources. Camp Caribou has partnered with Colby College and Maine Dartmouth Family Medicine to create an experienced support and response team for our community. This will provide us with first-hand medical knowledge, excellent care, and clinical guidance throughout the summer. We are committed to being creative and flexible in order to run camp. Keeping our camp healthy within the current climate includes:

Promoting behaviors that prevent the spread of Communicable Illness
  • Hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, and the frequent use of hand sanitizing stations
  • Use of face coverings when necessary
  • Caribou Commitment – a shared community expectation and responsibility for safeguarding the well-being of all fellow campers and staff
Maintaining a healthy environment
  • Preventing infection in all camp operations with intensified cleaning and daily disinfection protocols
  • Optimizing ventilation in cabins and indoor facilities
  • Creative program design and use of age group cohorts as needed
  • Maximizing outdoor areas for dining and programming
  • Staggering the use of communal spaces as needed
  • Limiting off-site activities and events such as field trips where it may be difficult to maintain social distancing as needed
Managing health & wellness
  • Camper and staff pre-camp screening
  • Daily health and symptom check for all community members
  • Comprehensive staff training on communicable illness prevention protocols and staff role in monitoring the health of campers
  • Updated visitor procedures
  • Revised staff travel and time-off policies

We are so excited to open! Policies, guidelines, and procedures are subject to change based on the latest health information, government guidelines, and best practices.

We cannot wait to be together with our camp family!!