Staff FAQ

Where is Caribou located?

Camp Caribou is located in Winslow, ME about 3 hours north of Boston, MA in the central part of Maine. Waterville, ME a city of 25,000 (Home to Colby College) is 6 miles from camp.

Where do staff members come from?

Caribou staff is from around the world. You will be living and working with people from over 15 different countries and a dozen states in the U.S.

What is the weather like at Caribou?

Summer days at Caribou are generally in the 80’s (Fahrenheit) or mid 20’s (Celsius). The nights can be cool during the beginning and end of camp. We do get summer showers so be sure to bring a raincoat too!

How do I get there?

We will pick you up at Boston’s Logan airport during the afternoon the day before orientation starts. You can also take a bus to Waterville, ME where we will pick you up.

What type of kids will I be working with?

The campers at Caribou are boys from the ages of 7-15. They come from all over the United States and from around the world. Our campers are full of energy and always on the move. We call them the, “what’s next?” kids. Keep them busy & they’ll be happy!

How many counselors and campers are in a bunk?

The bunks generally have 6-12 campers and 2-3 counselors in every bunk. We keep a 1-4 ratio staff to camper in each bunk.

Is there internet and phone access at camp?

We have 6 computers and two pay phones in our counselor lounge. Staff members are able to take advantage of these services on their time off. You can purchase a calling card at the camp office. Also, many staff get a cheap Verizon Pay-as-you-Go Phone from Wal-Mart for the summer. Wal-Mart has everything you need!

How much time off will I have off?

Staff members get every other night off and 1 day off a week, except for the first and last week of camp. Nights off go from 9:00pm – 1:00 am. Days off are from 9:00 pm the night before your day off to 9:00 pm on your day.

What should I bring to camp?

Counselors should bring tee shirts, shorts, bathing suits, athletic shoes, and any athletic equipment needed to instruct your specific sport. You might need a few nicer things to wear out on your time off, but Maine is very casual!