Alumni Spotlight – Max Godnick

by Camp Caribou on November 20, 2020

Max Godnick

Host, Writer, & Producer –

Contributor at Cheddar

Los Angeles, CA

What’s your favorite memory of Camp Caribou? Without a doubt my favorite Caribou memory is taking part in the inaugural Pondering the Universe club on Club Night. We sat in a circle and shared our deepest questions about life. To this day, it is maybe the hardest I’ve ever laughed. Thanks to my performance, I was named MVP (Most Valuable Ponderer) and gained many fans and admirers who then spontaneously chanted my name at campfire that night. Fourteen years later and I can confidently say that was my peak.

What Caribou values or lessons have you brought into your life after camp? It’s cool to be nice! Also, working in comedy and entertainment – I’m often motivated by the funniest performer I’ve ever seen: Rotman emceeing at campfire. No late night talk show host has ever come close – and it still inspires me today whenever I’m in front of a crowd or a camera.

Favorite piece of life advice? Never use more than one exclamation point in an email.