Alumni Spotlight – Sue Gilbert

by Camp Caribou on November 25, 2020

Sue Gilbert 

Caribou Head Chef – 1981 to 2012

With everyone cooking for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday we wanted to spotlight our amazing head chef of 31 years, Sue Gilbert.  From her classic lines, “Ham and Cheese or Cheese”, to her dining hall traditions (no hats!), to her amazing cinnamon buns, (and apple crisp, and Anadama Bread, and cookies of all kinds, and all the goodies) Sue was the ultimate head chef and Caribou Star! She embodied the Caribou Giving Spirit not only in the kitchen, but wherever she could help.  Sue would stain cabins, sew camper blankets and teddy bears, mend tennis nets, help plan programs, and so much more. Today, the Caribou Picnic Grove is named after her,” Gilbert Grove”, and the the 3 and a half (Shower Facility), now “Ronnie’s Palace”, is named after her husband, Ron.  Sue and Ron are doing great and currently reside in Florida!  Below you’ll find a few short and sweet words from Sue – Happy Thanksgiving!

Favorite Camp Memory: is getting up at midnight and looking at the stars then having pizza.

What Caribou values or lessons have you brought into your life after camp? Always remember family isn’t just blood, camp gives you a lot of family.

Favorite piece of life advice? Don’t sweat the small stuff, enjoy life.