Bill and Rotman hit New York

by Camp Caribou on November 15, 2010

YOOOOOOO, what’s up everyone, we hope everyone is rockin’ and rollin’ in this fall season. Bill and Rotman recently went down to the Big Apple and absolutely lit the city up!!! On Saturday, we were at Allen-Stevenson in the Upper East side for a camp fair, meeting loads of people interested in coming to the ‘bou for the upcoming summer. While we were there Dylan, Jake and Michelle Lublin, Andrew and Lisanne Godnick, David Barber, and Charlie Zankin all popped in and said hi to us. It was awesome seeing them, and we actually went down to a park on 92 and York to get a little pick up basketball going.

It was a crazy scene, Godnick was draining buckets while in sandals, Jake was talking trash and already getting ready for Colorwar, Dylan was holding it down with his ball skillz, and Barber was just unleashing fury on anyone who came near him. It was a great game, awesome to see them.

On Sunday, we were at Rodeph Sholom in the Upper West side for another camp fair. Sam Cox, Andres Vaamonde, Harry Zolot, Sacha Heymann, and Henry Davis all came to help us out. And obviously we had to go play some more basketball, so we went to the Great Lawn in central park and got some 3 on 3 ball going. It was another great game, Sam was draining three pointers all over the place, Andres was taking the game way to seriously, (no I’m just kidding, but he is looking to be a guard for his JV team), Sacha and Harry were doing their thing and having a blast, and Henry was making some easy layups (stealthy guy). Caribou in central park, we do things right.

Then at the tail end of the camp fair, John Froelich and his dad David showed up. We were all excited to see them, awesome surprise. Overall, it was a great weekend, good to see everyone, and definitely more trips to come!!!

Just a reminder, December 5th from 2-4pm at the Meadowbrook School in Weston, MA, we will be playing some basketball so bring your friends, DON’T MISS OUT. Keep in touch everyone!!!