Boston Reunion

by Camp Caribou on November 9, 2010

Caribou Nation, WOW, what an amazing Boston Reunion we just had. Things started off with a BANG at Fun & Games. Skeetball tournaments, loads of arcades, outrageous laser tag matches, and ridiculous prizes were won by many. We then shifted the Caribou Herd over to the Crowne Plaza for chicken tenders,fries, ice cream, the premier of the DVD, and handing of the yearbook and t-shirts. At the tail end of the reunion things got a little crazy as Jim Dock did his version of the Beaver song alongside Markman and Harry. Bobby, Rotman, and Lori all presented new cheers that we will definitely be doing this summer. Overall, it was a great time with over 100 people in attendance, and special appearances by John White, Weinstein, Guttag, Jim Dock, and Mamon. It was also great seeing Tim Halle and Ben Selling alumnus from the 1970’s it was a great preview to our Alumni Reunion this summer.

In Caribou camper news: Devin Rosen is the captain of his soccer team with a record of 7-3, not bad, and is moving onto basketball in the coming weeks. Will Rosen is playing soccer, but also hitting the tennis courts and playing a little singles. Parker Dow is wrapping up his soccer season and soon hitting the mats as wrestling season is right around the corner. Noah Kaplan has been keeping real busy with swimming and soccer. Sam Gilman is having a lot of success on the gridiron playing guard and currently second in the league, WAY TO BE GILMAN. TK Fishman is tearing the soccer fields up with his mad defensive skills. Josh Lane is holding it down in the goal as his soccer team is 5-3-1. Jack Tallas is playing town and club soccer and is about to hit the ice real soon as hockey season is about to begin. It was awesome seeing you guys at the reunion, and you know we love the updates, keep them coming.

In Caribou Staff News: Jeff Weinstein is enjoying his new job up at Union College as the Sports Information Director. Weinstein actually just came back from Alaska covering Unions hockey team. Awesome stuff. John White is holding it down up in Maine teaching and gearing for the winter season. Amaury is down in Puerto Rico doing his thing as a fitness trainer, and getting into cooking. And Bobby just left for South Africa to meet up with loads of Caribou Peoples.

One More Note: December 5th from 2-4pm at the Meadowbrook school in Weston, MA, we will be getting some pick-up basketball going. So save the date, its going to be a blast, bring your friends from home if they want to play. We got two courts for two hours, lets play some ball.