Camp Caribou Fundraiser

by Camp Caribou on May 2, 2011

Oh what a weekend that was!!! Caribou hosted a fundraiser car wash at Liberty Pizza in Wayland, MA this past Sunday in support of the “Save the Children of Japan” organization and the efforts of the American Red Cross disaster relief for those in need after the Tornado Outbreak of last week.  The Caribou car washers were in full force: Tyler Swartz, Adam Block, Mitch Kaufman, Max Lobel, Charlie Rotman, Henry Forman, Jay Maxwell, Jack Long, Lucas Long, Dylan Hyde, Cam Hyde, Parker Dow, Sam Cohen, Alex Cohen, Bill, Martha, Lori, Jerry and Rotman all came out for a great cause.  

Adam Block, while washing a SUV, was quoted “This feels really good to know that we’re helping those who are suffering in Japan.” Tyler Swartz who was one of many giving 110% on the streets of Wayland promoting the cause  said, “It felt great being part of this great cause.  Coming together with my camp friends and helping other kids around the world made me realize that we really can make a difference.” 

The day couldn’t have been more perfect with the sun shining and loads of Wayland residents coming out in big way to support these great causes.  In this two hour event, we raised $500 dollars for the children of Japan!!! And it doesn’t even stop there as Caribou will be matching the proceeds and donating to the American Red Cross – Alabama Disaster Relief Fund.  Though this couldn’t have happened with out the big support from  Liberty Pizza,  we want to give them a big THANK YOU from the entire Caribou family!!!

We even had special guests come by… Alumni Derek Brisson, Ben Damm, and Eric Goldberg (GOLDIE), thanks for coming out guys and supporting the Bou!!

It was great to see everyone out there yesterday.  We hope everyone is doing well, keep in touch, tear up the rest of the school year, and do big things. Bou-Yah