Camp Caribou News

by Camp Caribou on November 5, 2010

Hey guys, we hope this blog finds you well and you’re enjoying the fall season. Just a quick reminder, we have the Boston Reunion this coming Sunday November 7th at the Natick Fun & Games at 11am. After the thousands of arcades, exhilarating laser tag, and endless prizes, we will be heading over to the Crowne Plaza for chicken nuggets, french fries, ice cream, the premier of the DVD yearbook, the handing out of the Hoofprints, and the Slice of Heaven in 2011 t-shirts. At the reunion, Tim Halle and Ben Selling (Caribou Alumnus from the 1970’s), will be making an appearance, VERY COOL STUFF. We hope to see everyone there!!!!

Next weekend, Bill and Rotman will be heading down to New York City, for a couple of Camp Fairs. They will be at Allen-Stevenson on Saturday November 13th from 12-3 and Rodeph Sholom on November 14th from 12-3, stop by, give us a shout, we would love to see you.

In Caribou Staff News, guess who’s coming back!!! Robert Mothersdale, Scott Smith, Nino, Rafa, Jorge, Sergio, Transporter, and Sophie, obviously more to come, we will keep you posted, but solid start so far. Bobby L, is making BIG moves, he is heading down to South Africa to meet up and visit Transporter, Caitlin, Talia, Kirsty, Al, Devo, and Ryan Ball. Oh and guess who just signed up as a full season CIT…. Adam Block, Big time.

In Caribou Camper News, Alex Noa and Matthew Massicotte were tearing up the football fields of Wayland as they crushed the Medford Colts 26 – 19. Way to be guys, representing Caribou with authority. Aaron Cohen is participating in the 8th grade play, The Music Man. His roles are the policeman and the train conductor, we are glad to see he is taking his Lip Sync talents to the big stage. Rotman, Bill, and Jigz last weekend had the honor of watching Brian Sugar and Ian Reilly play a little football against Billerica, it was tough game, but it was great to see those guys make BIG tackles and create some noise. Keep us updated guys, we loving hearing all the news, and going to the games.

One last thing, we will be getting a little pick up basketball going on December 5th at the Meadowbrook School in Weston, Ma from 2-4pm. Anyone in the area is more than welcome to come and if you have any friends that want to play, bring them as well.