Camp in 2024

by Bobby Lerman on March 11, 2024

Hi, Bobby Lerman here, director @ Camp Caribou, and I wrote these words on a flight hence my train (or plane) of thought style:

In a world of sitting and screen time, physical activity and face to face social interaction are more important than ever. Summer Camp is one of the final unplugged old-school frontiers, where children leave their phones and tablets at home, replacing them with real live games, fun conversations and independent navigation within a loving and supportive environment. 

Going off on an adventure away from home can be a bit daunting and outside of a child’s comfort zone, but that’s where the growth happens! Confidence develops through realization of unknown capabilities and newly made friends, camp is truly redefining! Children benefit from a little guidance and encouragement towards this type of independent experience, and oftentimes it’s just about getting there!

From the moment campers wake up to the big iron bell at Caribou, they are engaged and energized, joining their bunkmates and counselors to get ready to head to flagpole. Kids are moving and grooving, feeling the independence that comes from being on an adventure away from home. 

At Caribou you are getting your steps in! On a 200 acre peninsula in Maine, cruising around in the fresh air to sports, wood-shop and water-activities, it is a back to basics physical approach to a day, all while campers are learning to communicate effectively and navigate social interactions. Not everyone will be best friends, but in an environment that requires mutual respect from adults and kids, we learn to live and let live. Everyone just wants to have fun and be themselves!

Respectful communication and self advocacy are BIG CAMP SKILLS!

Sleepaway Camp is a place where you can be your true you. Silliness, imagination and authenticity are encouraged, and individuality is celebrated.

Empowerment! Kids at camp are not to be treated as ‘just kids’. They can and should help clean their cabins, rake up some grass, solve problems as a group, and use strength in numbers! This makes campers feel good, feel powerful and confident in what they are capable of in this world!

Living at camp in a cabin with bunkmates from all over the globe, everyone being held to the same standard of kindness and respect, is an equalizing experience. Camp Caribou is about learning to become a positive member of the camp community and beyond. It’s cool to be nice at Camp Caribou!

Summer camp is more important than ever for children. There is no greater environment to expand your social, emotional and physical skills without the distraction of cell phones and computers. At Camp Caribou, we are developing our own AI, Authentic Intelligence!