Febraury = What a Month

by Camp Caribou on February 28, 2011

Caribou Nation… Hey it’s Monday, why not have a blog post to jump start the week!!! This past weekend, big time birthdays were celebrated. It began on Friday as Rotman turned the big 2-5, Lori, Fischer, Kantor, and crew did BIG THINGS in Boston. Check out the Caribou Montage Lori put together for Rotman. DIGGIN’ the bell. BOU-YAH!!!! It’s really not to long until we start hearing the bell again.

Then on Sunday Martha celebrated her birthday at Gargoyles on the Square for a phenomenal dinner and great family fun.

Also this weekend, our own Jeremiah Blitz, took home the New Jersey intramural basketball championship!!! And David Jacobs finshed off his Varsity Basketball season with a 17-2 record. RIDICULOUS. I’m telling you the basketball players that come out of the Caribou Program clean up wherever they play… Man I can’t wait for the summer!!!!

In some Alumni news… Fischer and Rotman met up with Alumnus Ben White, who is doing real well, currently at BU Law, but can’t stop thinking about the upcoming Alumni Reunion.

On a side note, something I just need to bring up. Next year, the Oscars need to be hosted by Will Ferrell or Vince Vaughn. I’m just throwing that idea out there. You need a stand up comic to host the show. Maybe even Robin Williams or Chris Rock. But check out this video. Could be a sample of next years Oscars.

Keep in touch and have an amazing week!!!