Happy Holidays

by Camp Caribou on December 6, 2010

WHAT’S UPPP Caribou Nation,

Yesterday at the Meadowbrook school in Weston, MA, Caribou had its first Pick-Up basketball event. And what a great time we had. For two hours we played loads of basketball, took hundreds of half court shots (shout out to lucas long, Louie Rabinovitz, Ben Zimmerman, and many others for that ridiculousness), had a ton of snacks and drinks, and did it up Caribou style. In attendance: Gabe Brown, Andrew Dennis, Jay Maxwell, Miles Backer (who kept on stealing the basketball from Rotman), Peter Rabinovitz, Tyler Swartz, Ian Reilly, Ethan Ruder, Ben Winer (new to the Caribou Family), Henry Forman, Evan Smith, Louis Rabinovitz, Ben Mcpherron, Max Lobel, Michael Rosen, Will Rosen, Greg Francis, Ben Zimmerman, Sam Zimmerman, Lucas Long, Jack Long, Jigz Lerman, Lori, Bill, Martha, and Rotman. It was a great turnout, tons of fun, and it was great seeing everyone. We definitely have to do that again and possibly bring it down to DC and New York.

In other Caribou News, we are rockin’ and rollin’ through the winter season, having tons of campers re-enroll and adding new guys to our family. Nicole Rotman and Jorge Pelayo just signed on for the summer of 2011, which is awesome and we are so excited that they will be coming back. Bobby Lerman returned today from South Africa and had an amazing time, saw loads of Caribou people and truly enjoyed the summer weather down there.

We would love to hear from all you guys, so we can add to our blog. We hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the holiday season. Take care and keep in touch.