Happy Holidays

by Camp Caribou on December 20, 2010

YOOOOOOOOO, Happy Holidays everyone, we hope that everyone is doing well and tearing up the winter season. It’s been real busy since our last post. Lori just got back from a tremendous visit to Florida where she met up with Big Al and Big E. The two are doing very well and are enjoying the beautiful sunshine. Bobby and Jerry are planning a massive road trip to LA, where Bobby will be spending a couple of months out on the west coast, doing BIG things. Jerry, obviously will be coming back, as he is just going for a little vacation. I hope California is ready for Bobby Badlands!!!!! And this past weekend, Bill & Martha went to one of the premiers of The Fighter, courtesy of Eran Lobel (Max Lobel’s dad), and had an awesome time and really enjoyed the film.

Rotman was recently in attendance at a USY basketball game between Needham and Lexington. Caribou was well represented on both sides as Tyler Swartz, Josh Feldman, and Jon Marsh (the real BIG 3) played for Needham and Matt Singer played for Lexington. It was a back in forth battle all through out the game. At half, Needham was down by 4 points and desperatley needed a spark. Ben Marsh (Needham Head Coach) asked Rotman if he would join him in coaching the Needham team. Rotman accepted the challenge and gave the jolt of energy Needham was looking for!!!!!! In the end, Needham edged Lexington in an instant classic. It was awesome seeing our Caribou boys on the hardwood. Ben Marsh was quoted in a press conference after the game, “I’m proud of all the Caribou boys today.”

On Sunday December 12th Bill was called by an old childhood friend from Brookline who said he would be at Wayland High School to watch his 7th grade son play metrowest basketball. Bill went and saw Quinn Peebles play as well as Kevin O’leary (Walpole player). Quinn was all business: blocking shots, playing great “D”, handling the ball in the press & generally all around AWESOME!!!! In the end, Wayland won by 10, but it was awesome seeing Peebles. We look foward to watching Quinn play at the ‘bou summer 2011!!!

Hey, we would love to see more of you guys play for your hometown, so let us know your sports schedules and we will try to get out there and cheer you on.

A little staff news: Charlie Rotman, Rafa, Nino, Sergio, Transporter, Fadil, John White, DJ South, and Jorge have all recently signed on for next summer!!!! AHHH LET’s GO

Overall, things are still rockin’ over here in the winter office. Keep the updates coming, Happiest of Holidays, Happy New Year, Tons of hugs!!!!!!!!