New Ideas are a Brewin’

by Camp Caribou on March 11, 2011

OOOOHHHH hey now it’s FRIDAY!!!!! Yup the weekend has dawned upon us and we’re thinking big things will happen.  First of all,  I know it’s raining in Boston all weekend, but that means only one thing, its snowing up north!!!!  Rotman will be racin’ and chasin’ up at Killington.  So,  if anyone is up in Vermont and looking to carve up some mountain power give Rotman a scream.

In Camper News: last night March Madness truly began in Needham, MA. Aaron Cohen brought his talents to the Pollard Middle School as his St. Josephs basketball team competed in the first round of the playoffs.  Aaron absolutely brought his “A” game and tore things up.  It was outrageous!!!  OK, let me create a mental image, if you put Kobes’ aggressiveness, Larry Birds soft touch, Kevin Garnett’s intensity, Shaq’s big daddy status, and roll that up into one player, you get Aaron Cohen last night. YUP. Though his team did suffer a loss 45-35.  Aaron will play next on Saturday.  Good Luck Brotha!!!!

So, currently we are 97 days away from Camp starting up and the ideas are stating to flow.  Here is a new program idea.  The Caribou Decatholon.  This will be a bunk competition with a Junior and Senior divisions.  Bunks will go around the peninsula testing their individual skills.  Challenges will include long jump, shot putt, high jump, discus, 40 yard dash, best meal, written test, academic debate, and a final event of a bunk cheer.  Now, lets take the long jump challenge.  Each member of the group will try a long jump, all the scores will be counted and averaged out, so each bunk will have one score.  This will be done at each station.  At the end of the day all bunks will present their cheer and The Bunk of the Summer will be awarded.  I’m thinking this could be sick.  Respond if you want you got some ideas on this.

I’m also thinking about a new club for club night.  International Dance.  Every week we will try a different type of dancing.  Hip-Hop Dancing, Contra, Ballroom, tap, line, modern, swing, western, and the list goes one.  It’s going to be AWESOME and Ridiculous!!!!!!

Staff News: Chris Moehringer, Caribou Alum and overall great guy is coming back and joining the hockey staff!!! Welcome back Bigs. Also making a return..Eric Lopez is back for more.  Lopez will be bringing his talents to the Caribou gym!!!

Hey have a great weekend… Keep in touch… BOOM