November 2019 News! Reunions, Caribou Pride, Staff Updates, & So Much More!

by Camp Caribou on November 26, 2019

Happy November! We hope this blog post finds you well and getting excited for the upcoming holiday season!  All of us here are still buzzing after last weeks massive New York Reunion!  It was an incredible gathering of campers from New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, DC, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles!  And it was amazing to have BIG time Alums, Godnick and Kaufman join us for the festivities!  We played soccer, football, and dodgeball, had some great New York Pizza, handed out the 2019 yearbook, and hooked everyone up with the limited edition 2020 Reunion T-Shirt.  Check out the photos below.  And FYI, we have our Boston Reunion on January 5th, all are welcome, near and far.  For further details, please email

November also brought us Camp T-Shirt day!  It was so great to see everyone representing the ‘Bou across the world.  Thank you to everyone that participated in this fun event.  However, we feel like everyday is Camp T-Shirt Day – LETS GO!

Camp Update: Bradwyn and Eddie are holding it down up in Maine on the peninsula.  Right now, they are working on updating the bathrooms in cabins, maintaining the athletic fields, they just finished updating the dining hall water and septic system, and recently had to snow plow the camp road for the first time this winter season!  Stay warm guys, only 213 days until camp begins!

Staff Update:  Things are shaping up for a massive summer already!  As of right now the following all-stars are coming back for another season:  Harry H., Oshane W., Angel C., Jordan R., Laramie F., Nino, Moneshe, Taylor G., David L., Ben H., JoJo, Marianne, Shawn, Connor R., Grant, Sean D, Tom H, Chris C., Big Austin Z., Wyatt, John W., Andre, and Chef Nate!

Sunday Funday: Our  NFL Pick ‘Em contest rolls on into Week 13!  It’s been a fantastic season so far with many tight battles, tons of participation, and epic games.  Our weekly winners so far include: Hargrove, Fabricant, Bradford, Grant, James P., Fisher, Avon, Reimer, Jason E., and Ethan F.  A special shout out to Bradford and James P. on winning multiple weeks.  And we need to recognize Eason who is currently in the lead with 115 points on the entire season, he has not specifically won a single week, however, he has the best win picking percentage.  Remember, you can join the fun anytime by clicking on the following link and using the below information:

Group ID #47439
password: winslowmaine

Alumni Update:  Bill and Martha recently visited Al and Ev, who are doing great and enjoying the warm Florida weather! Al and Ev send their love to the entire Caribou Family! Bill and Martha also attended a fantastic fundraising event at the Boston Convention Center this month and ran into a few Caribou greats: Nathan Teplow and his wife Kara, who is Matt Gilberg’s sister, the Bernstein Family, Jonathan Marsh, and Jeff Roblin! And there was also a Mini Caribou Reunion in Puerto Vallarta this past week with Rampe, Parra, and Fonzie! Also, two Caribou legends met in South Africa – Alec Burkin and Al Harding! Check out the photos below.  Caribou friends around the world are truly a treasure!


Happy Thanksgiving to all campers, staff, and alumni!  Please keep in touch, enjoy the rest of the Fall Season, and we hope to see many of you soon!