Post Camp, Reunions, and So Much More

by Camp Caribou on September 24, 2013

What’s up Caribou Nation, we hope all is well and everyone is enjoying the start of the school year.  Caribou headquarters is officially back in it’s winter office and we are officially gearing up for the 2014 summer!  We want to thank all of our post season groups that came up to camp this summer, The Brookwood School, The Bancroft School, Fenn, and The Maine Outdoor Women.  We had a tremendous time with each group and we hope to see them all next year.

Things are now pretty much wrapped up at the ‘Bou.  Damian, Jerry Wentworth, and Mike Day are the sole guys from the post season crew left at the ‘Bou.  They are currently remodeling bunk 10 and winterizing the entire camp for the upcoming season.
So, now we’re off and running with the 2014 summer.  Mark it down in your calendars, the Boston Reunion has been set for November 3rd, 2013 at Fun & Games for some classic arcade action then off to the The Verve -Crown Plaza for lunch, great times, reunion shirts, and yearbooks!  Please let us know if you are able to make the reunion by emailing

Things have been rockin’ in the Caribou office, we just received the CMCL 2013 Caribou Championship banner!  Bobby just came back from New York meeting with families interested for next summer.  Bill is at camp helping out Damian and Wentworth remodel Bunk 10.  And Martha, Lori, and Rotman are holding it down in the Caribou headquarters working on making the summer of 2014 EPIC!

For our Caribou parents, we found two great articles about summer camp through the American Camping Association blog.  The first article is about “What Camp Teaches Children” and the second is about “Signing up for Camp.”  Check them out!  We have had a strong re-enrollment for next summer and if you would like to save a spot today you can do so by clicking on the following link: Camper Application

Keep in touch, have a great fall season, and see you guys at the reunions!