Start the count down

by Camp Caribou on June 14, 2011

Caribou Nation…. start the countdown… 10 days left until the BIG SHOW.  With the bull crew wrapping up the final touches and gearing up for staff orientation, summer is finally here!!! It’s been absolutely bonkers up here on the peninsula.  The porch is looking gorgeous, the new field is taking shape, the renovations on the lodge are complete, and everyone is getting hyped up for camp. 

We’ve got people rolling in all week.  Sue and Ron recently made the trek up from Florida. Anthony Bonaddio arrived at the ‘Bou last night, lookin’ all ready for camp, hasn’t cut his hair since last summer, its a site to see.  Charlie and Nicole Rotman are next on deck to arrive tomorrow, then on Thursday the entire Caribou Staff will be 100%!!!

The summer schedule is taking shape, Cookie Bowl is in place, the Roundball Classic is back, Survivor Day is making a return, the summer olympics are in the works, and Colorwar can break at any moment!!! 

The summer is here, and its time for Camp.  See you soon. BOU YAH