The Camp Caribou Blog is Back!!!

by Camp Caribou on March 28, 2011

Well it’s Monday, and for most of us it’s not the best of days,  but to be honest… I’m not feeling those Monday blues.  The sun is shining, the temperature is rising, the excitement level is boiling, and Spring is here!!!  You know that feeling when Camp is literally like two days away and you can’t control yourself, yah that’s right now!!! It’s that feeling where you can’t sit still and your mind starts wondering!!! What bunk will I be in? What counselors am I going to have?  What am I going to do when I first step on the peninsula? Who am I going to see first, will it be Nino, maybe Sue, I dont know, I don’t care, I’m at the BOU!!! Then you start imagining  yourself driving down the camp road, or everyone in the lodge for the first time, or even seeing Bill & Martha at the first flagpole lowering, it may be March, but big things are right around the corner!!! Let’s just say, all of us at the Caribou Headquarters are startin’ to get those feelings.

We are now 88 days away from the 2011 summer officially starting up!!! 

In some Caribou News,  Joey T. just had his birthday, good work, I’m proud of you, really I am!!! Bobby and Pracy were hangin’ out in LA this past week thinking of ways to improve the Native American Experience club.  Bill and Rotman were up in Manchester, NH for a camping conference just shaking the trees and rattling the bushes.  Stella is really excited for the summer and says hi to the entire Caribou Family!!! Lori is Fantastic and Martha gives hugs to all!!!

Keep in touch.. BOOM