Unleashing the Tennis Stars: A Thrilling Sleepaway Summer Camp Experience

by Camp Caribou on February 12, 2024

The Camp Caribou tennis program is a staple of our land sports activities.  Situated on the end of our 200 acre peninsula, Camp Caribou offers 6 hard courts, 3 clay courts, 3 pickleball courts, and 1 quick start tennis court. Led by our USPTA Certified Pro, Dan Nino, the Caribou tennis experience is an opportunity for campers to discover their passion for tennis, gain confidence on the court, and develop skills for a lifetime.

Our thoughtfully designed schedule ensures a perfect balance between tennis-focused drills, while keeping the lessons exciting and dynamic. Mornings are dedicated to skill-building sessions in a group setting, while afternoons include exciting matches and team-building games. In addition we offer private tennis lessons for those who need or want to intensely focus on their tennis skills and tournament level playing ability.

Martin Parra, Current Tennis Director of the Sheraton Hotel in Puerto Vallarta which regularly hosts Mexico’s most prestigious tournaments, was the first pro to implement and build our current program back in 1984.  Since then Martin has provided tennis coaches that offer fun and dynamic lessons to our campers.  Our current coaches deliver exclusive opportunities for personalized guidance. Whether your child is a beginner aiming to grasp the basics or an advanced player looking to fine-tune specific skills, our private lessons cater to individual needs. The focus is on skill-building, ensuring improvement while keeping the lessons fun and engaging.

Our experienced coaches focus on skill development, ensuring each participant hones their abilities while having a blast on the court. For those desiring more individualized attention, our private tennis lessons are the perfect avenue to accelerate their progress.

From dynamic drills to friendly tournaments, our program offers a variety of activities that keep the energy high. Young tennis enthusiasts engage in age-appropriate exercises, fostering a love for the sport that goes beyond the summer. What sets us apart is our friendly competition with other summer camps in Central Maine, the all-camp Martin Parra pro intramural tournament, and the Caribou Brotherhood League intramural tournament, adding an extra layer of excitement and camaraderie.

In the heart of summer, our sleepaway camp becomes a tennis haven for boys seeking adventure and skill enhancement.  Join us this summer, and with the option of private tennis lessons, friendly competitions against other camps, and the immersive experience of sleepaway camp, watch your child’s tennis journey unfold in an environment filled with joy, learning, and a true sense of sportsmanship.