Medication at Camp

Dear Parents,

In our on-going commitment to meet the needs of our campers who require medication while at camp as well comply with strict state regulations regarding medication dispensing for summer camps, we will be working with Oakland Pharmacy, a friendly and reliable pharmacy, right down the road. Oakland Pharmacy has been servicing the local community and is now providing the convenient service of dispensing and delivering medications directly to camp.

Our policy and procedure for dispensing and administering medicine requires camp families to have ALL of your child’s medicine to be dispensed by Oakland Pharmacy and they will have it sent to camp prior to their arrival.

Oakland Pharmacy will fill:

  • Prescription medication in pill form (daily and “as needed”)
  • Prescription medication in liquid form(daily and “as needed”)
  • Prescription nose sprays, eye/ear drops, inhalers and creams/ointments
  • Non prescription items (OTC) such as allergy medication (daily and “as needed”)
  • Vitamins-(for specialty vitamins/supplements, email to confirm they can provide)

The exceptions are: Rescue Inhalers, growth hormone, and insulin injections.

We will not be accepting medications that arrive with campers on opening day, unless it is an antibiotic or another short-term script that was prescribed just before camp, a rescue inhaler, HGH injections or an Epi-pen. Our camp stocks most over the counter items such as Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl, etc. so there is that option if your camper might need it on a limited basis, but anything that becomes regular must be obtained from Oakland Pharmacy. If you would like to have your camper’s “as needed” meds called in to Oakland Pharmacy, please feel free, but we will not be accepting personal “as needed” meds on opening day of camp. You need to have your prescriptions called in to Oakland Pharmacy at least one month prior to camp. Please help us ensure that we will have your child’s medication at camp on time for his arrival! (Please refer to our camp information in our Health History form found in your Camp In Touch account for a complete list of OTC items that we stock)

We want to be clear that we do expect 100% participation from families with campers who will need medication while at camp. The only exception to this procedure is if Oakland Pharmacy notifies you or us that they are unable to accept your insurance and they are unable to resolve that issue, or if you are an International camper.

If your camper does not take medication, you do not need to register with Oakland Pharmacy.

We are confident that this program continues to help us achieve our primary goal; the health, well-being and safety of your child.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation and compliance!


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Oakland, Maine 04963
Phone: (207) 465-4440
Fax: (207) 465-3414